Social Media Principle

Gujji uses social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as a tool to communicate quickly, clearly and in an engaging manner to those interested in the work of Gujji. This document outlines the principles relating to Gujji conduct on social media, which is not exhaustive due to the rapid pace of social media and modern technology. Content posted by Gujji on these channels includes, but is not limited to:

  • Links to Gujji published news releases, latest updates and developments, job vacancies, videos, publications and other approved, publicly available Gujji material.
  • Links to relevant information produced and published elsewhere (work of other competitors, partners, stakeholders, researchers, news organisations and others). This can include videos, news items, and sharing of content from other users.

Social media content (tweets, posts etc.) should not be considered as the authoritative source of new policy or guidance from Gujji. Any change in Gujji policy will be communicated through more traditional channels such as formal publications, the Gujji website, Update Newsletters and media releases.

Complaints, Feedback & Requests

Gujji encourages those who wish to make a complaint, provide feedback, or request information to follow traditional channels, such as telephone or email, to ensure a comprehensive and prompt response. The relevant contact details can be found on the Gujji website

This also applies to media requests.


Content Sharing

Gujji may share content, such news and links, that is considered relevant and/or of interest to those who follow Gujji. Repeated Tweets (RTs) or any content that Gujji shares does not imply Gujji endorsement of any specific organization, product, or service. 


Gujji follows accounts on social media platforms that are considered relevant to its work. This could include companies, other commercial enterprises (and/or their employees) who comment on, or are associated with sale of clothing items. Gujji’ decision to follow a particular user/account does not imply endorsement of any specific individual, organization, product, or service. Gujji will endeavor to follow its customers that are active on social media and encourages customers to follow the Gujji account to raise awareness of their presence in this regard.

Comment Moderation

Whilst discussion and conversations about Gujji published content is encouraged between users, Gujji will not be actively involved. Contributions in this regard will generally be limited to correct misinformation or clarify fact.

Gujji reserves the right to remove any comments that are considered to use inappropriate language, be vexatious or aggressive in nature or appear to be spam/irrelevant, as well as comments which appear to be promoting non-Gujji products or services. Should this behavior persist, Gujji also reserves the right to block users from its account.

User Interaction

Gujji will endeavor to read all private/direct messages, replies and mentions and may respond to them if required. Please note that, due to resource availability, it is not always possible to respond, and Gujji encourages users to make contact through more traditional channels if their question or comment requires urgent attention.

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